​​​One Love Animal Rescue

•    The game is just like the popular "squares" pools played during pro football’s championship game.
•    In each quarter of the game, your game card is assigned a pair of numbers (one number for each of the teams playing in the game).
•    At the end of each quarter, if each team’s score ends with the numbers on your card, then you win!
•    You get a new chance to win each quarter.
•    The more quarters with a match, the more you win!

•    After the game, see if your game card is a winner on the website at www.CharityMania.com.
•    You will be contacted by the organization if you win.

Located in New Jersey 


One Love has teamed up once again with Charity Mania for their Football Supermatch Sweepstakes, which is all about Super Bowl Sunday!

It's so easy to play and win!